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La Rilievo: a 100 years old story

La Rilievo is a historical printing house that has been present in the Turin area since 1923; inside its premises one can admire the tools, engraving matrices, drawers containing lead and wood typefaces, and above all the machinery that continued to be faithful allies of the printing house throughout the course of the 20th century, some of which are still used today.


We make our printing machines available to enthusiasts and nonenthusiasts alike by allowing them to visit our work spaces to see the memory of what was, and still is, the ancient typographic art of typesetting and printing.

We also archived countless samples of printes that have been preserved over the years and are evidence of a specific historical and social cross-section.


La Rilievo is an active reality that over the years has been able to prove its worth and has received several important awards and special mentions that have counted it among the most important and prestigious Italian printing houses. It has been able to transform itself over time by looking at tradition but with a view to the future, while maintaining the high level of professionalism and experience that has always distinguished it.

In other words, our goal is to project our tradition into the future.

"In this small printing company the experiences of my grandfather, my father, mine and my son have followed one another. La Rilievo, with its 100 years of history, is part of the life of four generations in my family. It was born to make a difference, and I hope it can continue on this path without ever forgetting its origins and the purposes that led to its creation."

Mario Petronio

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